Results. Speed. Transparency.

Our process is optimized to help your organization succeed.

How to describe an engagement with Newfire Partners?

For starters, we’re 100% results-focused. We follow a well-defined process designed to drive innovation at your organization. Speed matters, too. We quickly assess your needs and can deploy your outsourced development team in a flash. And from the moment the first project kicks off, we give you complete, 24/7 transparency into your team's progress.

Build it, test it, get it out the door: Newfire Partners can help you make it happen.

Here's a quick look at our process:

  1. Work with you to define goals for the engagement and set up instrumentation to provide data-based insight into team performance.
  2. Conduct a comprehensive needs assessment.
  1. Put in place the appropriate leadership, such as an acting CTO, VP of engineering, director of engineering or Scrum Master.
  2. Determine how many members and what skills are required for your development team.
  3. Assemble the team while accounting for skills, team dynamic, timetable, etc.
  1. Put Scrum Agile ceremonies into practice and share results with your stakeholders at each step until the project is complete.
  2. If appropriate: Help recruit the permanent CTO and/or transition to a permanent CTO. Following product launch, we might also augment your team with more members to assist with Level 3 support.

How can we help your organization succeed?

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