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Red e App (Louisville, Ky.) offers a mobile platform that allows companies with non-desk or hourly workers to communicate effectively with individual employees or entire teams via their smartphones.

  • Improved overall velocity of existing team by 73%

  • Reduced field found software defects by 412%

  • Improved cloud services response rate by 202%

“Newfire has been very successful in getting us up and rocking. It really has been a good relationship — one that I am grateful for and look forward to continuing.”

— Jonathan Erwin, CEO and Founder of Red e App

The Challenge

More than 50,000 active users. Big-name clients such as General Electric, Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, and Papa John's. For a company founded just six years ago, Red e App has enjoyed remarkable success.

But back in 2015, Red e App was struggling mightily to keep up. In particular, the company was finding it increasingly difficult to maintain its desired rate of innovation while also supporting its customers.

At the time, Red e App had a small in-house development team. "Everyone was willing and able, but we were really falling short in terms of leadership, process and experience," says CEO and founder Jonathan Erwin. Recruiting was nearly impossible, he adds, due to the dearth of engineering professionals in the Louisville area.

Another problem concerned instrumentation, or lack thereof. The pace of software development was unpredictable and completely lacking in metrics. "We needed to be able to share at the board and executive levels our progress against certain goals," says Erwin. "But it became obvious that we had no idea where we were at any given time on any deliverable under development."

Red e App recognized the need for a cost-efficient solution that would provide an influx of engineering talent and leadership while also professionalizing development processes. Enter Newfire Partners …

The Newfire Difference

Newfire has complemented Red e App's in-house development team with a Ukraine-based offshore team. Erwin says the two groups have meshed seamlessly ("It's been a well-run machine").

Better yet, the arrangement has allowed Red e App's engineers to focus more precisely on their individual strengths. By eliminating "context switching" — a productivity killer for developers — Newfire has boosted overall velocity of the original Red e App team by 73 percent. Red e App has also seen a 412 percent decrease in field-found software defects, the result of enhancements in the development process, quality assurance and automated testing.

Furthermore, Newfire has added a CTO to help Red e App improve its engineering processes and serve as a partner to Erwin and the rest of leadership. Erwin credits the CTO with effectively overseeing the entire development practice, coaching young engineers so that they blossom in new roles and working with enterprise customers and the development team to incorporate new features into the platform.

The CTO has also been instrumental in increasing visibility into the development process. "We can now leverage dashboards that make progress against goals more visible," says Erwin. "In fact, about six months ago, we set a deadline to deliver the new platform, and we were right on the mark. Plus, we can make better business decisions based on the data we have on hand."

Now that Red e App is able to meet the demands and expectations of its growing customer base, its future looks brighter than ever. And Newfire will be a part of it.

"Newfire has been very successful in getting us up and rocking," says Erwin. "It really has been a good relationship — one that I am grateful for and look forward to continuing."

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